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  • Event Date: 20-Nov-2022
  • Updated On: 20-Nov-2022
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Description: An extremely wonderful fete-ALOHA was held at Sector-D branch of LUCKNOW PUBLIC SCHOOL. Teachers and students gave their best efforts and as a result the event was marvelously held. Teachers and students together set up the stalls. They were wide ranging from food to games and handmade items and many more. Parents visited the fete with their children. Furthermore the games were of wide varieties and to be concise they were fun and innovative. Many students came and played the games. Some won prizes others enjoyed. Now talking about the food, it was delicious. It included burger, pizza, chat, ice cream and what not. On the other hand different events were also going on the stage. Students came and showcased their talents. At the end singers also performed and students really enjoyed and loved it. Lucky draw winners were also announced and prizes were given to them. Mega prize included a washing machine and similarly there were many prizes of great value.
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